Ready to Install Your Property's Utilities?

Rely on a trusted, specialized and confident contractor that serves Hampton, Exeter, NH and surrounding areas

Your property isn't complete without installing the proper utilities. Take one more step toward completion with Robbins Excavation. We offer underground utility installation services in Hampton, Exeter, NH and throughout the Seacoast area. Since we know all the licensures in the area, you can rest assured that our utility contractors will provide very clean work.

Learn more about how we install utilities

As challenging as underground utility installations may seem, we make them easy. Our smooth and simple process involves:

  • Checking the site and conducting the legal work
  • Installing the electric, sewer and water lines
  • Installing drainage, if necessary

Afterward, we'll test the lines and drainage system to ensure everything is running properly before we leave. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our utility contractors. We look forward to working with you and executing your job with care and attention to detail.

Place critical infrastructure underground

Advancements in technology have allowed utility contractors to bury cables, pipes and drainage systems, where they're less likely to sustain damage. Plus, burying utility lines eliminates potential safety hazards. For these reasons, we recommend arranging for underground utility installation services.

You'll appreciate having underground utilities because...

  • Your property will look more attractive
  • Critical infrastructure will be protected from harsh weather conditions
  • Your plumbing, electrical and drainage systems will be more energy-efficient

We're based in Exeter, NH and serve clients throughout southern New Hampshire and Maine. Reach out to us today to get your utility lines installed underground.

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